Early Austrian Uniforms

The uniforms pictured on this page are on show at the Heeresgeschichtliches Museum in Vienna. They are replicas of those worn in the early part of the Napoleonic wars, up to and including 1805.

Three uniformed figures

Early Hussar and Infantry Uniforms

The three uniforms pictured above are, from left to right, a trooper of the Wurm (later 8th) hussars pre-1798, an infantry officer c. 1805 and an infantry private of the same date.

Dragoon and Freicorps

Dragoon and Freicorps Uniforms

These uniforms are those of a dragoon and of some kind of Freicorps (volunteer) unit. The latter may actually date from 1809 or later. The flag hanging in the centre is an ordinärfahne of the 1804 pattern.

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