4° Reggimento Fanteria Leggera
4th Light Infantry Regiment

Uniform Guide


This regiment was formed in 1811 and seems not to have served beyond the boundaries of the Kingdom of Italy. Its campaign history is summarised below:

1813 - Italy
One battalion was captured at Novacco, the remainder served in Belotti's brigade of the Army of Italy. This brigade was ambushed and heavily defeated at Tersain in Slovenia. The survivors fought at San Marco and Volano.
1814 - Italy
The remnants of the regiment fought in General Mermet's division of the army of Italy.


The regiment was organised into four battlions and a depot in line with the standard infantry organisation.


The regiment wore the following uniform:

On campaign, all companies wore a French style shako with a white metal lozenge-shaped plate bearing the regimental number within a hunting horn. The shako bore a green, red and white cockade and a pom-pom that was green over white for cacciatori, green or yellow for volteggiatori and red for carabinieri. Shako cords were white for cacciatori, green and yellow for volteggiatori and red for carabinieri. for parade dress, the carabinieri wore a bearskin bonnet with a red plume and without a front plate, the red cloth patch at the rear bore a white cross. For undress wear, a green bonnet-de-police fatigue cap was worn, piped in the regimental colour (see below).
The coat was dark green and of the short tailed habite-veste pattern. The regimental facing colour was vinaccio - light claret - and was used on the collar and cuffs and as piping on the pointed lapels, pockets, shoulder straps, cuff flaps and turn-backs. There is some evidence that turn-backs were white, but sources conflict. Instead of shoulder straps, volteggiatore wore green epaulettes with yellow crescents, carabinieri wore red ones. Waistcoats were green and piped with the regimental colour.
Breeches were dark green and worn with knee-length black gaiters with white metal buttons. On campaign, green overall trousers were worn with a facing colour stripe down the outer seam.


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