Napoleonic Links

I'm not going to attempt to list all the sites on the web that deal with this subject as they're appearing (and disappearing) all the time. Instead, I've tried to pick out the Grognards from the Marie-Louises in the world of Napoleonic websites.

For a truly comprehensive listing of Napoleonic web sites, take a look at the Napoleonic Wars category of the Open Directory Project.

Napoleonic Italy

There's not much to be found online about the Kingdom of Italy, which is one of the reasons for building this site, but here's what there is...

Les troupes du Royaume d'Italie A french language site that presents a lot of material on the Italian army.
Uniform Plates From the excellent Histoire et Figurines magazine site. They also have an order of battle for the Army of Italy in 1814.
Les Uniformes de l'Armée Française

Online reproduction of a series of prints by Lienhart & Humbert, including three Italian subjects:

Topographic Map of the Kingdom of Italy A selection of 19th century maps at 1:25,000 and 1:200,000 scales covering much of the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy.
Neither King nor Marshal A short biography of Eugène de Beauharnais, Viceroy of Italy, from magazine archive Magweb.

General Sites

The Napoleon Series Recently re-sited and redesigned, it's still the King of the Napoleonic web sites. Masses of articles, news and reviews for the Napoleonic scholar.
Napoleonic Literature The core of this site is a collection of contemporary and 19th century sources reproduced in electronic format. There are also articles, pictures (for sale) and a discussion forum.
An Illustrated History of Napoleonic Military Uniforms An extremely promising site which sets out to document the uniform, flags and history of all the participants in the Napoleonic Wars. A good start having already been made with the Austrians. It's not the best laid-out site on the web - two pages of intro before you get anywhere - but definitely one to watch.
Warflag Intended for use on wargames figures, this site has hundreds of beautifully reproduced flags together with some supporting notes. They deal with all periods from the middle ages to WW2, but our era is especially well covered (though no Italian flags yet!)
War Times Journal This beautifully presented site is home to both new articles and reproductions of archive material. Worth a visit for the graphics alone, the site has sections on the Civil and World Wars too.
The West Point Atlas Not the newly republished Esposito and Elting version, but the complete set of 70 maps published in the smaller, 1986 atlas available online for free!

Discussion Forums

There are a lot of Napoleonic buffs out there eager to share their expertise (whether they have any or not), and discussion forums are the best places to find them. The following are the busiest and best thst I know of, frequented by published authors on the period as well as us lesser mortals.

Napwars Forum Hosted on Delphi Forums, this forum has been flourishing for the last couple of years. You will need to register before you can post messages.
Napoleon Series Forum One of the oldest Napoleonic forums on the internet and still one of the best. Simple, no-nonsense interface.