What's it all About?

The Idea behind the Site?

There are loads of Napoleonic sites on the web, and new ones are being added all the time. However, all too many of them seem to cover the same ground over and over again. The order of battle for Waterloo, biographies of the Marshals, a "complete" set of links, all these are repeated ad nauseum across the web.

This site sets out to be different. It focusses on an untravelled corner of Napoleonic studies - the Kindom of Italy - and sets out to become the definitive online source on the subject. I haven't let that stop me posting other bits of Napoleonic information, like my library and the Austrian stuff, but the focus is firmly on the Italians.

Why Italy? The same reason that I'm building an Italian wargames army - it's small! Trying to cover the army of France, Britain, Austria, etc. to the kind of depth that I intend to employ would be too great a task. The fact that there is nothing on the web, and not much more in print, which deals with the Italian army is a bonus.

Plans for the Future

As noted above, this site is intended to become the definitive source on Napoleonic Italy. It will include information on...

Eventually the scope of this site may broaden to cover other Italian nations, notably Naples. I'd also like to add some information about "French" units recruited from Italy. Another long-term aim is to produce a version of this site translated into Italian (and maybe other languages too!).

Can you Help?

I'm always on the look out for ways in which the site can be improved. If you have some information to add to (or correct) what I've published, please get in touch. Likewise if you come across some source material that you think I may be interested in.

Anyone contributing useful content will automatically join the Friends of Napitalia and have their name listed on the site.